My name is Ronald, I'm an embedded engineer living in the netherlands. My interests range from electronics to gaming and from reading to cycling. for my work I write software that helps users test thousands of fibre-optical components every day.

Latest blog post

28 Jan 2019 . Machine learning using Keras in R

In this blog post we will take a look at binary classification using Keras. We’ll look into installing Keras, understanding your data, defining a model and subsequently testing your model.

This blog post assumes you’ve got the latest version of R installed, which, at the time of writing is either R 3.5.2 or Microsoft R open 3.5.3. it also assumes you have intermediate or better programming skill and a basic understanding of machine learning.



  • Januari 2017 - Today

    Member of the Solid Optics Development team

  • September 2015 - Today

    Enrolled at the university of applied sciences in Amsterdam


Drop me an email if you’ve got interesting projects, need advice, or are planning to send a manned rocket to mars.